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. . . training the mind matters . . .

Posted on: February 21, 2008

The 2004 TED talk from the happiest man in the world, Matthieu Ricard.

UPDATE : This should to with the 7 videos of zest and enthusiasm.  Happy watching.

3 Responses to ". . . training the mind matters . . ."

Hello Jo:

Thanks for a nice interview. I heard him recently on a BBC World Service interview. Very interesting. A lot of people see a connection between Buddhism and EQ. For me, EQ is closely connected with holism. Have you visited Albert Foong’s site ? http://urbanmonk.net

“The true spirit of meditation is being alive to your experience. Moment to moment realisation is potential in your present experience”. Vajradaka. http://communicatingmeditation.wordpress.com

Thanks to you both, Galba and Vajradaka. I will follow up both links.

I like the expression “potential in your present experience”.

The point is that half-empty + half-full does not equal a full glass. The “full glass” comes understanding where the half-full came from, and how what is in the half-full will expand, and fill the half-empty part. Hence the emphasis on appreciative processes.

Thinking on my feet here. Thanks so much for the expression.

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