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5 slides on positive organization design

Posted on: July 3, 2008

Positive psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Organizational Scholarship, & Positive HR

Almost a year ago, I put together a set of slides to illustrate the concepts and process in Positive Organizational Design. If you are beginning to read around the field of positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, positive organizational scholarship, or positive HR, you may find them useful.

They are five slides, each with quotations, beginning with

  • David Cooperrider on Appreciative Inquiry
  • The link between appreciating your own unique contribution and possibilities emerging in the world around us
  • Conversations about strategy, affirmations of hope, and recognition of the possibilities in the present
  • Nonaka’s Ba and designing organizational spaces
  • Rilke’s Swan as a metaphor of the rightness of what emerges.

I am standing on the shoulders of giants here. The quotations are referenced but not my sources. Please do google the quotations to dig deeper into the original works.

I would welcome any feedback or elaborations.


4 Responses to "5 slides on positive organization design"

[…] contemporary positive version of management theory. If you want to dig deeper, here is a link to a techy/academic slide show I put on my own blog a few days ago. It will give you an outline of how top organizational scholars […]

here is a link to a techy/academic slide show I put on my own blog a few days ago. It will give you an outline of how top mobilya

Would it be possible to have access to the 5 slides you refering to?
I appreciate your help.

PC. Elie

No problem Pierre-Claude. Follow the link to Slideshare and download.

All my work, unless otherwise stated is Creative Commons, Attribute and ShareAlike. That means, download, use, adapt, and pass on and give then next person the same rights. You can even use it commercially provided you let the next person also use any derivatives commercially!

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