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The first steps together?

Posted on: February 17, 2009

Ideas whose time has come

I had an email today from someone I worked with a long time ago.  It was interesting.  Though we have barely been in touch, many of us who worked together ten years’ ago have pursued similar interests in different corners of the globe.

Great minds think alike?

The loneliness of the corporation executive

I don’t think my old friend reads my blog, but we were thinking alike yesterday too.

Yesterday, I wrote:

What do we trust each other absolutely and entirely to do?

His brief note on Facebook said that he feels optimistic about the future of the world economy but depressed by the ‘ostriches’ around him

Are we agreed?

There is plenty of opportunity.  Our task is to find the ‘sweet spots’ where people feel they can take the first step together?


4 Responses to "The first steps together?"

Definitely feel you’re right about it. Especially now when time isn’t a luxury we have, it’s really important to work with people who know how to focus on the commonalities instead of other people on the wrong footing, which don’t work out in the end.

Thanks Daryl – I needed that – focus on commonalities – good phrase. Also time isn’t a luxury we have.

I love it when a comment helps me think more clearly!

There appears gathering momentum in the quality press and among politicians that there is lack of talent at the top of organisations and that reward systems do not encourage great performance.

How do we find commonality with positive approaches and new measures?

@Lily – by working with people we do trust and concentrating on what does wok.

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