flowing motion


Welcome to flowing motion.  This is the blog where I keep notes on what I am reading and thinking as I ponder where the world of work is going.

I am a work & organizational psychologist by trade.  It’s our job to have some sense about patterns of work and how we can manage our relationship with work in ways that are fruitful, enjoyable and fulfiling.

We are living in interesting times.  Crises are all about us and they over shadow the fronts of opportunities sweep before us.  In this blog, I follow my interest in positive psychology and its focus on how we interact with each other and co-create the future.  I watch how work is changing and in particular how business models are changing and how organizations no longer have a central core or single apex.  I dip in and out of science & technology to get a sense of the industries that are the most exciting.  I’m interested in “web 2.0” and new internet technologies that allow us to connect with ease across the globe.  And I keep abreast of economic issues and the changing topology of international relations.

I hope you have something for you.  I am always interested in collaborating.  If you are students working in similar areas or if you are an entrepreneur building new business models, please do get in touch.


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