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Who am I?

Who am I to be writing this blog?

No one and everyone.

My name is Jo Jordan.  I am a positive psychologist and I work in social media.  I bring social media to business, and business to social media.

I work out of Olney, in north Bucks, England, UK.  We are about 50 miles north of London and a similar distance to Oxford in the west, Cambridge in the east, and Leicester to the north in the Midlands.

from .  .  .

I came to Olney from Zimbabwe after spending 5 years in New Zealand where I taught with other positive organizational scholars in the Department of Management at the University of Canterbury.

In Zimbabwe, I led the post-graduate professional training of work & organizational psychologists and taught HRM on our MBA.  I also consulted to multinationals and strategic national organizations putting in the systems that big companies need to orchestrate collective efforts and their agreements with employees.

to .  .  .

Social media is revolutionizing business.  Most of us know Facebook.  It is the most popular website in UK.

What few people realize is how deeply social media has changed the face of business.

That is the subject of this blog.

Where are we going with social media and business?  Will it improve our lives?  Does it improve our lives?  And what is the best way to use it?


2 Responses to "Who am I?"

Hello, My name is Rob Allen and I run OPIEWeb.com, the IO Psych Q&A site. I was looking for your contact info (other than twitter) and didn’t see it. I was wondering if you mind if I liked to your blog from mine, and get your feedback on our site.

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