flowing motion


The beautiful header is an excerpt from The Stream Continues by Fred Hsu who has kindly agreed to show this fabulous picture here.

2 Responses to "Acknowledgements"

I don’t have a problem with you using my photo in the fashion you did (giving me credit, and a direct link to the larger size photo… and I think a link to my Flickr area).

I do have a small problem with the fact I wasn’t asked.

I changed the title of the photo, and I think added a copyright… anyhow, you are welcome to update the thumbnail, so the photo is once again displayed.

If there are photos in the future you want to use, please let me know – let me know which one(s), and I’ll let you know if I’m done with that photo, or have any other commitments for that photo (and might suggest a different one, that is similar).

Anyhow, thanks again… and the one you selected is one of my favorites in my stream. Have a few other pretty awesome ones though.


Terry (aka foghornleg90)

I did reply to Terry asking which photo – no reply. Happy to sort it with more info.

More than happy. The essence of the internet is to link and acknowledge.

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