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Blogging for psychologists

I blog

That’s obvious. You found me here on my blog!

And that’s why you should blog too

It is easy to do.

It is much easier to run than an ordinary website. Blogging software allows you to write, click and post. It even counts your traffic for you.

When you blog, Google is more likely to recommend you on page one when your clients and colleagues search for psychology and your speciality.

This is why blogging helps you get found quickly and easily

Google gives precedence to fresh content. And you will have a lot of fresh content because blogs make it easy to write.

Google also gives precedence to linked content . Blogging encourages links. You put links to other blogs in your text. People also leave comments and a link back to their blog!

Google favors active sociable websites. That is all a blog is – an active, sociable website.

Start your blog now!

You could start today. Indeed, if you don’t have a blog, you should start now! Don’t delay. It’s so easy.

Then learn to blog better

Everything you need to know is on the internet.

It took me three to four months to learn the ins-and-outs. It took me a year to really get traffic. And it took me another year to feel I knew how to influence traffic.

A one day course

To share my learning curve and help you get a “bang for your buck”, I’ve put together a course to give you the first 3 months knowledge in one day.

And a workbook to compress the first year’s growth into 3 months.

The course is in London. The details are on EventBrite.

Do have a look at the full course programme and let me know what you think!

Would this work for you? Is there any way I could share my knowledge with you more conveniently?

UPDATE:  The EventBrite link is no longer valid.  But if you would like to discuss blogging courses with me, do give me a shout!


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