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Financial Crisis Visually

Obama speaking at Georgetown 14 April 2008 One Two

Engagement +++ (prose not poetry – BO’s words – suitable for general audience)

Completeness +++++ (history and future plans)

Action + (asking for support not action)

Bernanke speaking at Morehouse 14 April 2008 One Two

Engagement + (suitable for graduates)

Completeness +++++ (overview of financial system)

Action +

A ten minute video showing how the sub-prime mortgate sector was ‘invented’ and where we are now

Engagement ++++

Completeness +++

Action +

Framework for explaining to others + (need to replay)

Framework for a novice + (each point is good but difficult to remember as a whole)

If American applied for a credit rating

America’s Fiscal Deficit (video)

Alternative funding for the bailout (do the numbers stack up?)

Financial crisis explained simply (a pyramid of champagne glasses)

From the BBC : a good set of pictures

The economic downturn from Sequoia Capital

Harvard Professors discussing the crunch and bailout

A scene on banking from Mary Poppins

As a storyboard (stopping at the bailout)

The UK Economy

Not Visual: Three part text giving macro data on the UK and predictions

My posts

My posts on HRM in a recession

Dream jobs during the slow recovery

My posts on positive psychology in hard times

My posts on positive stories about the UK

Dream jobs during the slow recovery


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