flowing motion


HR and the recession

Collective efficacy : poll and results from other contexts

21 Questions you need to ask of your business right now!

Social media in HR

Strengthening organizations with online communities

Positive organizational scholarship


The future is an arrow that arrives at our feet


Organizational Development

The beginnings of a positive approach:  Jack Ricchiuto.  Excellent questionnaires on leadership, teams, board effectiveness, etc.

Preparing the soil for leadership

Team Roles

A free alternative to Belbin

Interpersonal Skills

Active listening for concerns

Competency-based interviewing

Useful questions

Outlines for training

Mixed: Here

Is your HR this good?

Do you support your key employees?

Do you measure your bottom-line impact?


Ta Da List

Creativity and Problem Solving


Public Speaking, Writing, etc.

Forbes and good speakers


Dale Carnegie and How to Make Friends and Influence People

Organisations as Linked Decisions

Tom Davenport


1 Response to "Tools-of-our-trade"

Jo .. finally found your blog.

I have long been inspired by David Whyte.

I also noticed under “Tools of our Trade” the listing of Competency-Based Interviewing. I worked for a number of years with the Hay Group / Hay Management Consultants, lastly in London, UK (1990 – 1994) and was around when Hay / McBer introduced competencies (the methodology and practice) to organizations in North America and the UK. I have done lots and lots of competency analysis, profiling and interviewing in the past.

One of the premier practitioners in the UK is a very good friend of mine .. Jim Osler, lives in Brighton.

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