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I’ve several wikis dotted around the net which you are welcome to use and add to on a Attribute and Share Alike basis.  That is, say where you got the material, extend or adapt it if you choose, and allow then next person to do the same.  You can even make money out of it!

Positive Vocabulary

“the good and true, the better or the possible” (David Cooperrider).  Most of us had engaging, compelling, emotive language beaten out of us at university where we were encouraged to write like this “the subjects completed questionnaires”!

Goodwords is a wiki on Jottit to add positive words.  It is has be fairly quiet over there.  The password to get in is “thankyou”.

The format is to choose a verb, such as “bask” and add the emotion we feel when we do that, e.g., “pride”.

Do leave your name and blog or email address so people can contact you!


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