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Weekend special.  Leadership from the top or from the bottom?

Good pic for a lecture on leadership and organizational design.



Customized shoes by Van.

For those mulling over HR and the recession

Have we organized the work in the organization so every person on the edge can use their skills, and the situations that arise in their patch, to advance our cause?

The genius of the Obama campaign machinery is that they provided the resources to do a good job (communication channels, how-to-do manuals, moment-to-moment goals e.g. make 100 000 calls) and let people get on with it!

Let’s tell the stories of what works well and do more of it?

What are the great HR stories where we have helped managers focus the management system to (a) reduce management cost and (b) increase initiative and productivity?

And did we manage to pass on the gains to the workforce?

Mmmm, lets publish the success stories of  HR and the recession.  The press will do a fine job for the downside.

See you on the brightside?

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