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Positive psychology vs positive thinking

Posted on: October 11, 2009

If you find it hard to explain why positive psychology is just the mindless repetition of positive phrases?  If you want examples of how we use the positive processes in life to live better, and indeed get things done, then look here at thefuntheory.com.

A keen eye will also notice the little experiment (comparing this bin and that, or before and after); the design thinking – testing ideas in situ rather than ignoring context; and the narrative – show people doing what people do.

There is a competition too.  Deadline Mid-November


3 Responses to "Positive psychology vs positive thinking"

Hi Jo – what a great find and what fun. I hope you don’t mind but I have copied the escalator one with due recognition to you on our portfolio careers blog. This by the way is a brand new blog to coincide with our book on the subject being published on Thursday.
Keep mining the internet. You do it so well and so comprehensively.

[…] Positive psychology vs positive thinking (flowingmotion.wordpress.com) […]

[…] Positive psychology vs positive thinking (flowingmotion.wordpress.com) […]

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